Mexico’s authorities recently revealed that GDP grew 2.5% in 2015. In a year full of economic and financial turmoil mainly influenced by China’s decreased growth and considerable drop in oil and commodity prices, the fact that Mexico managed to grow at this pace indicates the country holds solid macroeconomic fundamentals especially when compared to similar emerging markets economies such as other Latin American peers. Also, with Brazil in deep economic trouble, Mexico should see its position among emerging countries rise in Latin America which should reflect in an increase in foreign and local investments due a to a solid economy, political stability and positive middle to long term growth prospects.

A couple of years ago, the Mexican government executed a series of structural reforms. Among these reforms was the energy sector reform which allows foreign and local private companies to produce oil and related products. Even with the current economic scenario and low oil prices, large investments are expected in the following years which will certainly benefit the infrastructure and construction markets as well as the economy as a whole

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