Seale & Associates is dedicated to serving private and family-owned companies with expert advice on how best to achieve their goals and objectives. Our professionals have a long and successful track record working with private and family-owned businesses on evaluating a full range of strategic alternatives, including buy and sell-side advisory, recapitalization and other corporate finance advisory, and strategic consulting. Our extensive experience with the unique opportunities and challenges facing private and family-owned businesses, such as managing divergent objectives of stakeholders, inter-generational planning issues, and maintaining discretion and impartiality throughout the process has allowed us to repeatedly deliver exceptional results for our clients. Our ability to speak the language of both private business owners and public company corporate executives allows us to structure successful transactions that meet the needs of both parties.

We understand and respect that private and family-owned companies often have objectives that go beyond just financial or monetary gain, such as respecting the history and legacy of the owners or ensuring comfort and adequate protection for the owners or family members that will continue to work in the business. Seale & Associates has worked closely with estate planners and legal advisors for hundreds of private and family-owned businesses on the challenging and very personal aspects of succession and estate planning. We understand the subtleties of family-owned and private businesses and can facilitate an open dialogue to help our clients design the best action plan to achieve their specific goals and objectives.