Financing Arrangements

Seale & Associates provides advisory services related to arranging flexible financing solutions at attractive terms and conditions. Seale can arrange financing for a wide range of needs, such as growth capital, acquisitions, leverage buy-outs, refinancing, recapitalization, and non-recourse project finance.

Seale & Associates has relationships with a broad selection of capital sources, including private equity firms, family offices, as well as senior and mezzanine debt sources. Seale & Associates optimizes the outcome by ensuring the sources of capital compete against each other to offer the very best terms and conditions that meet the client’s capital structure and timing requirements.

Financing arrangement advisory solutions may involve:

  • Up-front comprehensive business and financial due diligence
  • Critical review of business plan and financial projections
  • Balance sheet analysis and review of quality of assets
  • Evaluation of non-recourse and off-balance sheet options
  • Analysis of existing equity and debt/creditor relationships
  • Industry/competitor benchmarking
  • Capital structure optimization
  • Valuation and debt capacity analysis
  • Design financing process to meet capital and timing requirements
  • Target sources of capital with relevant industry knowledge and experience
  • Prepare appropriate and useful materials to facilitate evaluation
  • Provide proper guidance to sources of capital throughout the process

Financing Process Overview