Mexican authorities recently revealed that GDP grew 2.5% in 2015. In a year full of economic and financial turmoil, influenced largely by China experiencing its lowest growth rate in 25 years and by a significant drop in oil and commodity prices, Mexico’s growth is indicative of the country’s stable macroeconomic fundamentals, especially when compared to similar emerging markets economies. In addition, with Brazil’s current economic challenges, Mexico could see its position among emerging countries in Latin America improve, which could ultimately translate into increased foreign and local investment.

The Mexican pharmaceutical market has responded better than other domestic markets to the challenging economic environment. An aging population, a growing middle class, and better access to health care services are some of the factors responsible for the increasing consumer demand for pharmaceutical products. In addition, Mexico has been experiencing a transition from transmittable to chronic degenerative diseases among the population, resulting in new policies that support R&D for innovative medicines.