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“When it came time to decide on a viable succession plan for my business, I knew that none of my children were interested taking over and the last thing I wanted was to leave them a potential mess after I was gone. Seale gave me “peace of mind” as they expertly guided me through the sale process for my life’s work and made certain I got the very best price and terms.”

Reynaldo Villarreal, Chief Executive Officer and Owner, Grupo Chen


Seale & Associates was retained by the owner and founder of Grupo Chen to advise on a sale of the company as part of succession planning. Grupo Chen produces, markets and distributes dairy products, including cheese, yogurt, butter, and dairy cream.


Seale professionals managed a preferred buyer process with Sigma Alimentos, while maintaining the option to initiate a competitive auction process with other potential strategic buyers for Grupo Chen. Seale’s disciplined approach to a preferred buyer process allowed it to maintain momentum and negotiating leverage throughout the process and ensure closing at a fair value and terms.


The process resulted in a successful acquisition by Sigma Alimentos, an ALFA subsidiary (BMV:ALFA), of Grupo Chen, and Chen becoming Sigma’s dairy product platform for growth.

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