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I had very specific demands when it came time to consider a private equity-led leverage recapitalization transaction and I was looking for a trusted advisor to make sure my demands were met and that I was protected. Seale delivered on every promise they made and patiently worked with me throughout the process until I got the deal I wanted and deserved.

Seale’s experience and credibility was of the utmost importance during the negotiation process with the private equity firm and they knew how to manage and resolve each challenge.

Russ Harrison, Founder/Owner and Chief Executive Officer, Harrison Gypsum, LLC


Seale & Associates was retained by the family owners to advise on a recapitalization of Harrison Gypsum as part of a succession planning and wealth diversification strategy, as well as an investment in additional gypsum reserves, equipment, and add-on acquisitions. The majority owner wanted to continue but have a partial liquidity event. Harrison Gypsum is a leading gypsum mining and processing company.


Seale professionals ran a competitive auction process, managing multiple strategic and private equity investors with experience in the mining space, in order to identify a partner with the capital and shared vision of the owner/management.


The process resulted in a majority recapitalization by H.I.G. Capital, a Miami, Florida-based private equity investment firm with over $10 billion of equity capital under management. Russ Harrison, founder/owner and CEO, remained a significant shareholder and continued to lead the company.

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